Thursday, July 13, 2017


Laura made salsa and brought us a jar.  We are just now getting a few tomatoes.  Amy~Patsy gave her these.  I planted Improved Purple Hull Peas and Zippo Peas today.  I plowed the area I planted.  I walked my two miles starting at 6:21.  Larry is mowing.   He mows acres and acres.

Gilbert is 56 today.  Makes me feel so old as I remember the day he was born very well.  We dug potatoes that day down below the pond.  We were going to name him Robert, but Daddy named him for himself.

Helen hurt herself slopping the pigs.  Her ribs are hurt and hopefully only bruised.  She is wrapped in one of the sheets Gilbert donated to her.  Erin said to still breathe deep or one could get pneumonia.

Hope Cousin Mike is doing well.  Don't depend too much on that lift Mike.  We want you to get to using your own steam so to speak.

Fleta's bunch are at M. Cave, down toward the center of the Earth.  They will be home soon and Fleta will be back to work.

Happy Birthday, Gilbert.

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