Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Nothing Like A Good Watchdog!

Cora is guarding the house!  My red hens are all pets.  Cora is really tired and resting easy now as the Weinie dog, Chihuahua, and Corgi have finally gone home.   Usually she will sleep at the top step going to the back porch so the red hens can't come on her PORCH, but she was just too exhausted from having all that dog company to worry about a few chickens. 
One word to describe my garden is LUSH!

 I think these are baby Mockingbirds!

 My orange Tiger Lilies and these other flowers that I always forget their name match well in my front garden.

 It is nice to have help from my Sister Fleta!  I asked her about one of my top matches at Ancestry.  Here are my top matches in order--Astrid, Buster, Myrtle Still's Gson, I can't recall is Brenda H is from Myrtle or the other sister out there, then Julie Rosenthal and last on this short list is another Gchild of one of the Ok Powell girls.

Who is the world is Julie R.  Well, I checked and she matched the Thomas family and wham, also, the Gaddy family--how would that be?  Well, Grandma Gaddy's sister married Grandpa Gaddy's brother and that is how it could be.  I did not have who Lucille and Nadine Gaddy married in my program.  I quickly found Nadine, but I kept looking for Naomi Leona Gaddy with no luck.  This morning I asked for help.  Within the hour, Fleta called me back and said "yes, Lucille married Henry Rosenthal".  So, that mystery was solved.  I was on the right track but could not solve it.  Because I could not remember the name Lucille.  As soon as Fleta said Lucille, remembered that is what Mom called her double cousin.

I love a mystery, but mostly I love solving a mystery.  Now, I am wondering if our Lucille is the grandmother of Trevor Rosenthal who pitches for the Cardinals.   Another mystery to try to solve!

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