Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sigrid--The Fish

 Sigrid did really well at the swim meet last evening.  She swam in the individual medley and was totally awesome.  She had to swim a lap during the back stroke, butterfly, breast stroke, and free style.  They put the boys in the race to save time.  Sigrid beat everyone in her heat.  Since there are heats, we are still not sure how many firsts and seconds she earned, but she did well.
 Above Dad is cheering her on and below she is in the lead.  The next girl lost the lead and I think they took second in this relay.  Sigrid was fabulous.

 Siggie went early and helped the coaches with the little kids.  Laura said she was really bossy--guess she gets that from me.
Looks like she is saying, "yeah, right!"

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