Saturday, July 29, 2017

Senior Pictures

Today, Astrid went for senior pictures.  I can't believe she is a senior in High School.  These are the pictures for the year book.  One will have a black wrap and the other a red cap and gown.  I need to find the one of Laura in the red cap and gown.  She hated it with her hair.  Astrid's art talent extends to make up.  Doesn't she look great for her school photo.  

She will have special pictures made also to remember her senior year.

 Last night Astrid ran the CC practice with her friend, Kayla, for her Coach.  He had a meeting.  She asked me to tag along as the "adult".   I just sit in the shade and it was 100 there.   I know the poor runners were dying.  After practice, Astrid and Kayla had watermelon for them.  There were about 35 runners there.  I thought I might have to get up and help a few times as Kayla did not get much respect.  The kids did not do that with Astrid.  Kayla yelled at them and she was too close to their ages for that.  Astrid had to man a bike and ride around to make sure every kids was ok.  They are practicing at Tech this year and I say it is not a good location.  Too many streets and hidden places where something could go wrong.  Astrid did great!  Lead quietly if you are the same age as your students.

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