Sunday, July 9, 2017

One Bird I Do Not Like

 I call this a Chicken Hawk.  This morning I looked out and she was sitting atop my little chicken hutch that is home to my baby chicks.  They are protected!  Well, not by me!  Luckily, Larry put a good top on my hutch.  No chicken biscuit for the ole hawk this morning in Galla Meadow!
 My first Surprise Lilies are blooming.  They are delicate and lovely.
 Sig found her some Birkenstock's on Pope County Swap--that girl knows a bargain.
 Ingrid can not see far.  She got her glasses and they look good on her.  They make her look smart--and she is!
Astrid works all day Sunday at Max Gym!  She checks the folks in as they come to work out!

Aug. 17th I am going to have the vein in my leg burned up.  I hope this works and I have no more phlebitis during the winter.

Mike Sneed is coming home.  He had 4 by passes.  Wow!  After the surgery, he was in rehab at least 2 to 3 weeks.  I pray he makes a speedy recovery.  Hope Winnie can hold up taking care of him.  She said maybe they will have home health come for a while to help out.  Praying for Mike!  Praying for Win--our special cousins from KC.  Winnie, Cards won 6 - 0 today over the Mets so it was a good day here!

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