Monday, July 10, 2017

Next Up

 Okra and corn will the next things to pick and then watermelons.  Melons take almost 90 days.  Ours were planted May 15.  Okra takes about 60 days which will be July 15.  Corn 85 days.
 Squash seems to have taken on a second wind.  I picked a bunch today.  I pulled up half a row of green beans.  When I lean down over and over, I am really dizzy.  Hard to pick green beans.

 Suprise Lilies with Sister Patsy's hand in the picture.

 The corn laid down in the last storm.  It has stood part up mostly, but not in the middle.  Maybe that part will still make.  Below is a Zinnia that I have so a friendly visitor will not drive over the septic tank.
 Fleta's favorite--4 O'clocks!

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Anonymous said...

Your garden is fabulous!