Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Phoebe At Falling Water

 Astrid took Phoebe and her friend M K to her favorite place--Falling Water!  Her Grandmother was born a rock's throw from the Falls!
 When Astrid was just a babe,  Eric was in school at Tech and Laura was working at F. Community Care, Larry and I took Asti to Falling Water.  It was before she could walk.  I think August of 2000.  We sat her in the water at the top of the Falls.  She splashed and played.  
 When Laura was just a toddler, we took her here too!  "Falling Water runs deep in me"--says Asti!  I bet Ethel took Larry and Granny took Ethel there!
 Phoebe -- a precious little Pembroke Corgi!

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