Tuesday, January 24, 2017

100th of School

 For the 100th day of school, Greta got to dress up as a hundred year old woman and Clayton wrote about what he would have done when he reached 100.  Today is Momma's birthday, she would not be 100, only 96!  
 Here is the picture that was in the Blevins' Cedar Chest Collection.  How surprised I was when I spotted the photo.  What a gift, seeing my Mother in a photo that I had never seen until I was 66 years old.  I think Momma had bobby pinned her hair to try to make it curl.  Happy Birthday, Momma.  Helen is making a cake in your old kitchen which your son remodeled so that you would not recognize it.  Oh, you can't reach the counter top as he built it for a 6 foot tall man!  Helen keeps your house clean and has a block to stand on in there so she can cook!

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Anonymous said...

What a pretty lady. ~Amy-Patsy