Tuesday, January 10, 2017

New Year--New Calendar

 For our anniversery January 8, Laura's bunch ordered us a new calendar.  Sigrid picked all the pictures.  The picture of the cherry pie was painted for me by my teaching friend, Kay.  I met Kay in 1970 while we attended Arkansas Tech.  We ended up getting a job at the same schoool and working together over 35 years.

I am really proud of the calendar.  I have two places I hang calendars.  I bought one from Hobby Lobby for the other location.
Larry put this Farmall puzzle together during the snowy cold days.  We have four of these and he is working on another one now.  I finished Helen's rug and read some as he did the puzzle.  I ordered two books Fleta reccommended, "The Bastards on the Mayflower" and the "Invisible Line".  They both sounded good so I have them coming from Amazon.  They cost 1 cent each.  I had to pay 3.99 postage.  After reading them, I will pass them to Laura if she wants to read them.  Then, I usually just donate them to the Library.  They sell used books.  I bought one today for 50 cents.  It is titled "Notable Southern Families".  I recognized some of the surnames and thought it might be interesting.

 Pop made these two frames for Astrid.  She has pictures to go in them already, I think.  My camera left a little glare on them and they are both perfect.  I went to Hobby Lobby and bought good glass for them.  The technician thought they were beautiful.  Yes, they are made of cedar.
Here is a photo of Ingrid and one of her friends, Gracie.  Laura had a New Year's card made and I am going to send one to Helen's Kris.  I got one today from Kris and it shows her new beautiful home near the Pacific Ocean.  

I called Fleta today at work to check to see is Gad Around Sister arrived home safe and she did.  I did not want to bother Helen as she brought a friend home with her.   NO, NO, Cousin Winnie, not a gentleman friend.  Dot is a 80 year old gad about like Sister Helen.


Sunshine said...

Pacific Ocean

Sister--Three said...

My brain is mush!

Anonymous said...

Those frames are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

That is from ~Amy-Patsy! :)