Saturday, January 28, 2017

Astrid In Court

This is Astrid and Sigrid dressed for some special day at school.  Astrid is someone from Sponge Bob, but I am out of that loop so I don't know who.

Astrid is one of the Juniors representing her High School in Homecoming this next week.  Laura is busy this weekend and Astrid will need two outfits.  She said "oh, there is a little dress at TJMax".  It costs about twenty bucks.  That is the way Astrid is.  Sigrid is going with her to pick out a dress and some shoes and jewelry.  She has a pants suit she said she would wear for the other outfit.    I can't wait to see her all dressed up this week.  The girls were allowed to choose their escort and Astrid chose the boy who videos the games.  I know he was wowed!  Such a special little girl.  Ingrid, Sigrid, Clayton and Greta are all special to me, also.  It is a granny thing!

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