Sunday, January 8, 2017

Too Cold To Look At Temperature

Ingrid's drill team dance from last week.  She is the tallest girl, Helen, in the middle.
 It has been so cold that I don't even dare look at the temperature.  Astrid colored the postcard below and did a sewn wolf above this week during the icy, snow storm.

 Clayton and Greta camped out again--inside! Clayton blew up the air mattress this time.  Below, you can see Greta lost another tooth.  She and Clayton were horseplaying and his hand hit her mouth.  She said he knocked her tooth out, but it was loose or it would not have came out that easily.

 I finished Helen's two rag rugs.   She arrives home tomorrow.
 Larry and I have been doing some jigsaw puzzles.  Yesterday, we stayed inside all day.  We have finished another puzzle of chickens and now we have one going of a Farmall tractor.
Tomorrow the temp may reach 40 degrees.  Will feel warm after the cold days we have been experiencing.

I am looking forward to Helen being  back home.  Fleta will have someone to boss around again!

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