Thursday, January 26, 2017


All day I have been thinking "sow the wind, reap the whirlwind".   There are consequences to all we do.   I pray that I can think before I act and pray about all things that I should do.  Lord, lead me in your light.

It is cold but sunny so not totally a bad day.  I love the feel of the sun.

This picture is of my Aunt Helen's Grandmother.  Her name was Wilhelminia Sophia Johanna Willert.

BIRTH 26 MARCH 1863 • Germany
DEATH 6 JULY 1953 • Russellville, Pope County, Arkansas, USA

Aunt Helen and Uncle Walter live on the farm that she and her husband homesteaded.  This picture is hanging in their home.  When I go to get my hair cut, I try to visit Aunt and Uncle as it is only half a mile down the road.  I took pictures of pictures yesterday.  Some turned out pretty good and others blurry so I will try it again.  Minnie was only 7 years old when she came to America.  She came from Mecklinburg in Germany.  Aunt Helen said she was 18 when the picture below was made.

Tony told Sister Helen to post everyday.   I wondered what was up.   Glad Tony jabbed her in the rear!  ha!  I do enjoy hearing about the "red dirt road" and I know Sister Fleta is exhausted from work and wear so it is nice to hear from Sister Four.    

Patsy would be glad that her sons are reaping the reward of her paying on that acreage in Missouri for all those years.  She would be smiling.  

Hope your day is good.    

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Betty said...

It's funny. That saying has been running through my mind, too. Great minds, huh?