Friday, January 6, 2017

Snow and Cold

 Two nights in a row, I was able to sleep the entire night.  I woke up a few times but went back to sleep.  Last night, I awoke at 3:30 and was awake a couple of hours.  I finally got back to sleep about 5:30.  I kept thinking about all the folks that would have to go to work.  Erin has that little truck to drive and light trucks are the worst in snow and ice.  Fleta heads out before daylight.

I figured that the local schools would be called off and they were.  I worked with teachers that griped when we did not have school and there was only a couple of inches of snow.  I always thought of those buses that were like steering a bath tub down a hill in snow and ice.  Why put a child's life  in danger for school? Clayton was disappointed as they had school, but Erin explained all days missed would have to be made up in warm weather.  Also, Clayton said a naughty word at school this week.  Greg and Erin talked to him about this being very inappropriate.  Erin told him she would try really hard to STOP using that word.  A good first step...don't you think?   I see some of me in Erin Marie.  
 No, this is not a cookie.  It is food for my sweet birds.  I put water in the bird bath and fixed this special treat for them.  It is bacon grease, corn meal, oats, raisins, peanut butter.  So far they have not gone near the mixture.  I guess they, too, had heard about my cooking and how I don't follow a recipe.
Psalms 91--Erin's Bible study was on this Psalm.  Eight promises from God to me in there!
8 Promises of God from Psalm 91

1- "I will rescue Betty..."
2- "I will protect her..."
3- "I will answer her..."
4- "I will be with her in trouble..."
5- "I will deliver her..."
6- "and honor her..."
7- "With long life will I satisfy her..."
8- "and show her my salvation."

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