Friday, January 27, 2017

Just checking

I am seeing if I can post from IPad.   So looks like maybe I can if I do not try to add a picture.

I have been cold all day.   I went to the grocery store for milk.  I got all the things I had downloaded to get free:   Mac and cheese, retried beans, power bar, and tortilla chips.   All free.   Then I bought 6 items to get $3.00 off.  You have to make sure you have correc items.  Pick up one wrong item and no discount.   This is Kroger and it is my favorite grocery store;  but you need to have a cpa to shop there.  So, I went for milk and spent $23.00.   Now, that was a real bargain.

I have been reading.   I enjoyed King Henry the 8ths Will.   The author thought that he was a Protestant by the time of his demise as he appointed evangelicals to over see the rule of his young son.

I got the new bill o'Reilly book about iwo today.   Also, several others.  

Well, when Helen had not posted by noon today, I though I might have to call tony up and report her but she came through finally.

Weekend is here for all those who still work for a living and for those of us who don't!

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