Wednesday, January 11, 2017


 Astrid framed her cacti drawing in the rectangular frame Pop made for her.  Below she is working Saturday at the Boutique.  It was still icy so her Dad drove her there and picked her up afterwards.  Tonight her basketball team is playing at Harrison.  Erin said she and the cousins would try to attend.
We watched the Clemson/Alabama game on TV last evening.   Well, I watched until I could not stay awake any longer.   I was pulling for Clemson because of Hunter Renfrow.  Hunter caught a touchdown in the last seconds of the game to win the game.

I walked today for 50 minutes.  It was windy and balmy.  I really enjoyed  being able to be outside part of the day.  Tomorrow is going to be even warmer.
The fans made it to Astrid's basketball game!!

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