Saturday, January 14, 2017

All In The Genes

 Pop loves puzzles and he has the 3rd of the Farmall ones finished.  One more in the box.  It is a box of 4 and each has only 500 pieces.  500 is about all that will work nicely on a card table.  Looks like Pop's Grands at Harrison took after him.  Astrid and Sigrid love jigsaws, too.  Erin really is a pro with a puzzle.  Laura is great at it too.  Me, not so much, but I keep trying.
 When Greta and Clayton got tired, they made tent over the table and camped under the table.  Kids do not need a bunch of fancy toys.  They can entertain themselves and use their imagination.  Imagination is a wonderful learning tool for any child.  It is food for the brain.
 See Greta and Clayton camping in the Grand Canyon?  I love it!
 Sisters, see what my sweet husband made me!!  It is beautiful.
 Anyone that stops by here knows I hate DEER.  But like Patsy and Clayton I love birds.  This is one of my favs.  Douglas Red Dirt Road has nothing on me.  Look what was in Galla Meadow yesterday.  I think there may have been 25 of them.  They were exquisite looking creatures.  Thought of my Dad and sweet Brother!
 No wonder Ben Franklin wanted to make this our National Bird.  They are prettier than eagles.
 Sorry for the Kansas and Missouri folks who got ice.   But I say "better you than me"!

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Donna Wood said...

We didn't get heavy icing, but enough for me to be very careful when I went out to chore. All churches cancelled services. I don't think roads were too bad, but sidewalks and gravel driveway were treacherous. It's sort of thawing now.