Sunday, October 25, 2015

Dancing Tonight

 I think Sigrid is introducing her sister!  Below all three girls.
 Astrid and her Mom did her hair.  You can tell it is neat.  Drew is a very nice young man.  Don't you figure he is thinking how lucky he is that this beautiful girl asked him to the dance?

 The wrist corsage was a great idea.
Astrid looks...well....SMASHING.
 I posted all the pictures that Laura sent me.  After the dance, they are going over to Astrid's friend Eleanor's house.  I am sure hoping that Astrid and Drew have a great time!  Astrid did her finger nails...oh she got them at Dollar Tree.  I know they are beautiful because she is an artist!  This morning she went to the trail and ran at least 3 or 4 miles.  I was just finishing and she was taking off. It was raining, but a little guy from the C Country team was there and he ran with her.  Momma was doing her miles too.

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Winnie Sneed said...

Oh I hope that they had a wonderful time....thanks so much for sharing the wonderful pictures!