Friday, October 23, 2015

Finally A Little Rain

 Larry cuts up the leaves with the Badboy mower, but it has been so dry that he did not want to stir up the dust or maybe worse start a fire.

Here Astrid is at Heifer International with her good friend, Jenny and the middle girl is Audrey Reed.  I don't know Audrey.  When I was in High School I joined all the clubs so I could go on all the "little" trips.  I am sure Astrid will only join things she has an interest in.  If they have an Art Club, she will join it.  She said something about an "outdoor" group that takes hikes and she thought it would be a nice club.

Laura said Ingrid is smiling all the time!  She is thrilled to have the braces off. Today she is off with another friend and I don't have to pick her up.  Volleyball is over so she has to be picked up when she does not have dance after school, but she has so many friends that she is off with them afternoons, too!  Yesterday, she went with Avery Peel after school and they attended an out of town game.  Today, she is going home with her friend, Claire.

Fleta would be proud.  I walked two miles in the rain this morning.

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Margie's Musings said...

Astrid seems like such a cheerful young girl. Very refreshing!