Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fall and Football

 Ingrid's Dance group performs at the home football games.  I love this picture of her and her friend.  I think the girl's name is Briley.  Below she is dressed for "Bless America Day" at school.

Last evening her Volleyball team beat Conway and Ingrid really played well.  Pop and I take turns going to her games.  She will play again Wednesday and it will be his turn.  Pop likes to go when Siggie is there.  They hit the concession stand big time.

When I went to Greta's game, I told Erin about my classmate, Sydney's death.  Clayton heard and asked questions about Sydney.  One was "how old was she".  I told him young --my age.  He gave me a very serious look and stated, "Gigi, you are OLD".  I asked how school was going and he said--most of it is easy stuff.

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