Friday, October 30, 2015

Gabby's Afghan

 Finished Gabby's blanket and will have to get to the post to mail it.  It's folded in half in the bottom picture.  Made a little hat too.  My shadow in the top makes it look dirty...sorry.  Helen sent me pictures of her blankets and I will post them later.
 Ingrid stopped by and I snapped her smile again.  Erin texted me, "I pulled an Aunt Helen".  I did not understand what she meant...maybe cleaned her house.  No she fixed supper for someone ailing from her church.  Helen, you are leaving a legacy!

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Sister--Helen said...

good for Erin...It is my purpose to help other people...erin has her hands full with her kids,,,but it was nice to know he thinks her aunt Helen likes to help people...This is my purpose in life at 61....
There was a time all I could do was ;look after me and mine..