Monday, October 5, 2015

Deck The Hall!

 Larry has been redoing the hallway.  It is a big wide hall with the heating closet in it.  There are lots of nooks and crannies and doors.  Five doors to be exact but the door going into the kitchen he left off.  The door above is to the heating closet.
 Here you can see the wood edge he put on the corner.  It really looks nice.  Also, the floor.
 This big hall had a teeny tiny light--one bulb.  He took it out and put a 48 inch florescent where there was once a attic fan.  That is way the switch is where it is, but I really like it there.  He put a plastic plate behind the switch so dirty fingers won't get the wall soiled.  This is still paneling.  He put a plaster over to cover the indents and then a primer and then the paint.  I love the look.  You can barely see it but there are tiny lines in the wall.  It gives the wall a nice look.
 He had to pull this piece of paneling as the vent used to be at the top and when we redid the heat and air Larry had it put at the bottom.  He bought paneling and painted it.  You see the other little alcove there.  It sure makes for a lot of work with all the corners, but he is almost finished.
 After Christmas he is going to start the smaller bedroom.  It is so much work, but so nice after he gets it don.
 He you can see the hall bath.  The hall floor is like the living room and a little different from the kitchen, but the kitchen is waterproof stuff.  When he gets the transition in it will flow in color.


Margie's Musings said...

Very nice! I envy you your own home. I now live in an apartment. It is fine but I have to worry about rent increases.

Sister--Helen said...

looks good Bet