Saturday, October 17, 2015

Personal Record

 Above is Astrid, Jennifer and Tyler Pardue at last night's football game.  Game went into overtime and for a change we won!!  I think it was against Van Buren.  Today Astrid went to Hot Springs for Cross Country.  She ran a personal record of 20:51.  She was under 21 minutes which I am sure has been a goal for her.  Don't know how she places as they have some really good runners down there.  I would bet she was top ten though.  Personal Record is the olden days we said PB for personal best.  When I texted Laura about PB, Laura said "Mom, that is peanut butter".  Go, Astrid!!
This is Greta and her friend Emery.  Clayton and Beckett (not sure how you spell his name) were inside playing legos.  Greta loves outside and moving about.  Emery goes to her school, but Greta said, "we can't sit together at lunch!"  Wonder why? lol

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