Monday, October 12, 2015

Walking In The Dew

Above is Clayton and Greta's front porch--all fixed up for Halloween.

I did not drive to the trail this morning but walked here.  It messes up my tennis shoes and I can only walk about 2 miles unless I just walk the same route again.  I trespassed this morning in my neighbor's field to walk the two miles.
 Since I have a bushel of apples, I decided to make a fresh apple cake.  This is Paula Deen's recipe--called Uncle Bob's Fresh Apple cake.
 Larry put in three thresholds between the rooms.  So nice.   Now, I do not have to have rugs lying in the door way.  I did not want the tiny cracks to fill up with dust and junk so I kept a rug over the seam.  You can see the kitchen is different from the living room above, but not much.  The kitchen is made of waterproof material.  The other room is wood.
 Above is the one going into the bathroom.  Below, is what was stalking me this morning.  We have a neighbor that loves cats.  She feeds strays.  I don't approve as they don't get proper shots--like rabies!  They are wild.  If I could shoot like my Sister Helen, I would get rid of a few.  I know you think I am a bad person to say it, but I don't think we need stray animals lurking about.

 Above is a Maple in my front yard.
 I walked down to Galla Lake...this was about 7:30
 I snapped this across the Lake and spooked these birds.
 The orange brown tree is an Ash.  We had a fence there at one time and left it about a foot high.  It is a nice little tree now.
This is Laura's yard.  I walked through the wet, dewy pasture and down her road.
 You can see the small mums Sigrid set out last year.  They are so pretty this fall.

 These are from each side of Laura's steps going to her front door.
 This is the flower garden Pop and Sigrid built.  Sigrid grips at me about my bird bath being green with algae.  Well, her's isn't because she does not have any water in it!
 I love Sigrid's peacock.

 Here is another tree Larry left about 20 years ago.  It's a Sycamore.  He likes them.  The Mockingbird was singing to me from the top of it and I zoomed in to take his picture.
 I was back home in about 45 minutes.  Not much place to walk here.  All I could have done to walk farther is just go around again.  I may have walked two miles.    Our house has lots of big trees around it.  Larry has done so much here.  It was falling in when we bought it in 2009 and the inside of the house was atrocious.

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Sister--Helen said...

I could fix that cat. I had one that had moved into the blue shed often...I took care of it