Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Tacky Tourist At RJHS

Above is Ingrid's Volleyball team all dressed tacky for tacky tourist day at her school. Below some of the football players got in the pictures.
 Ingrid and her friend Claire.
 In Monday's Volleyball game Ingrid scored 10 points and played great.  They had to play 3 matches and finally beat Conway.  She plays steady eddie!
 Last night, Erin texted me about Greta's soccer game.  Greta has a GREAT five goals.  Erin said one Grandmother of a child at Greta's school said, "does she have a switch on and off and could you turn her off."  They were going hard against the other team.  Greta's team has only 3 players now, but that just means Greta gets to play an entire game never having to sit out.  The coach has the hand of her little girl, who finally gets tired and quits!  Not Greta she is "go, go go for a goal".  Soon soccer will be over but she has loved it.  No, more Saturday games.  The end of this month Greta will be 5 years old.
 When I went to the FB page for Ingrids VB team, I saw these two pictures which I may already have but was not sure so I am posting them again.

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