Sunday, October 18, 2015

Thelma Gwaltney CrispX Cookies

 Thelma's Cookies--She called them Crisp X and said the recipe came from Aunt Francis.  This is her handwriting.
 Here is a recipe I found while looking for Thelma's hand written one.  Laura wrote this out and we made them when she was a "wee" little girl.    Notice Thelma's recipe calls for LARD!   I do not know why the picture turned sideways and Sister Patsy is not around to fix them.

 Astrid got a new dog.  Her name is Sky.  They came over for Pop the vet to give Sky a shot.  Larry said Sky was part border collie he felt.    Astrid had just came from Cross Country and took a shower before she came over with Sky.  Even just out of the shower, Astrid is a pretty girl.
 Ingrid made the paper again.  Not sure what day, but I took this and had it on my camera and just discovered it this morning.  Volleyball is about over for her.  She has really loved it.

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