Friday, October 30, 2015

Helen's Gifts for Gabby

 Helen made Gabby two soft blankets.
 The underside is just as soft as the top or...softer.  They are crib size.

 And she made a baby book.  Actually McKenzie did most of the work on it.  I think Helen said 50 pages!   Can't compete with Sister Helen.  I stuffed by crocheted blanket in an envelope and sent of to Aunt Barb this morning.  Helen said she sent gift bags and tissue paper and a card.  I just thought Brenda Gail will figure out what to do with my baby blanket and hat.  She can add it to Helen's poke.  Remember Momma always said poke for sack or bag.  Helen told me to go to US Post to send it.  She is wise.  It cost 20 bucks to send the one for Cody's baby...this one at US Post was 5.75 and was sent priority.

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