Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Baptism At The Buffalo

I forget the year but you can see the cars are really old.  It sure looks like a big "saving" was going on.

Larry got a good eye report.  His eye pressure was 15 in each eye.  Normal is 12 to 22.  His blood pressure was high...the bottom number was 115, but when we got home it was 80.  I have a cuff, that Erin bought him to take his blood pressure.  I told him, "we may have to go back to the Dr. and change the prescription.  Larry said, "no, I will just take a pill and a half".  I scolded him and he hit me with ..."I don't see you running to the Dr." to which I had to just hush!

Larry said yesterday that he is going to build me a new chicken house and pen.  I hope so.  The one I have has gotten so low that it stays muddy.  I am hoping I get a new pen as I love chickens.  Patsy, Clayton and I are/were fowl lovers.

Helen is sick.  I hope she will be better soon.  I must have been a little sick or stressed as i got a fever blister this week.  But as Helen says...we share meds.  Laura had gotten a prescription of something that starts ac....I forget the name.  Well, the prescription allowed 2 tubes.  I paid for the refill and I have this suave.  One little daub and the blister is gone.  I was thankful when I got this and had the medicine.  Sweet Laura taking care of her Momma.  BTW, this tube will last the rest of my life.  The other tube of it lasted me 25 years.  I keep everything.  When Laura and Astrid went hiking.  Laura said they got new hiking boots.  I went to my closet and pulled out a pair that she had (probably 20 years ago) and handed them to her.  I told her to give them to Asti.  I know she about gagged when she saw the Nike hiking boots from 1992!

Sisters, have a great day.  Also, hope all our little ones have a good day at  school.  I was thinking of how we work so hard to raise the little ones and yet, when we look in a brier patch sometimes we see a beautiful rose!  Guess God is raising that one.

I was able to walk about 2 and a half miles today.  Still part of the trail is underwater.  I guess Fleet has walked to the Potomac this year and I walked to the home place on the red dirt road.

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Margie's Musings said...

I love to read about your family. I save nothing! Sometimes I wish I had but in this apartment, there simply isn't room!