Monday, December 28, 2015

Rains Came Down

 We have had torrents of rain.  But I try to look on the bright side.  It could have been an ice and snow storm.  Probably would have way over a foot of snow if it was normal weather.  Look at the pond!  I walked over behind the pond and mailed the light  BILLS.  We have to pay for three places. Two houses and the shop!

 I took this of the old culvert Larry took out. You can see why it was not working.
 The Martins come in March.  Won't be long.  We have virtually no mosquitoes because of our Martin flock.
 I walked back from the mail box and down to the Lake.  could not get very close.  It is flooded.  The shore line is the small tree with no leaves.  Lots of water.
 Larry's carport and gravel work held up nicely.

 This is the old carport that is not that old.  It was just not wide enough.
 Larry said he was going to move it and will align the gable with the little garage.  I stepped it off and it will fit there.

 We did lose some gravel around our culvert.  We are going to add a big rock on each side.  We have lots of them.  The road gravel held up without washing too much.
 I went down during the down pour twice (Larry forbid me to go anymore.  He said there was nothing we could do about it which was true).  The water was over the road all the way to the cedar trees in the distance.  It was probably 2 foot of water all that way.
 So we were lucky that the culvert did not end up in Galla Lake.

 You can see the gravel he put on the road is still there.
 Here is where we lost a little.  Larry bought about 700 or 800 dollars worth of gravel so I am pleased to only loose this little amount and he can pull some of this back on the road, but some went down the ditch to Galla Lake.
 I am about half way down the drive when I took this.  I think the drive is 800 to 1000 feet long.
 I walked down the hiway like Mema and all of us used to do.  No cars today because the road was closed.  I have a rich neighbor who has a "tree" farm.  But he also owns a pharmacy in Russellville.
The horse in the pasture was stuck on an island.  I don't understand why folks get horses and the ignore them.  I have never seen anyone give this poor horse a bail of hay or bucket of grain.  It just lives in the pasture.

 Here is where Galla Lake backed up over the road.  It is covered for a long way.  However, we have seen more rain that this in the past and likely will again.

 This is Bradley Cove Road where we used to walk.  Now it is as busy as 62 hiway is by where Clayton worked.  There are no big trucks, but there are about 6 big nice housing additions out here.  They were not here when we bought this in 1982.  This hiway is right on a section line.  See how straight it is.
 The man we bought the little red brick house from lived here.  He has been dead 25 years.  No one lives here now.  The owners let the bushes grown up all over the house.  I am sure it is rotten.
 This is our private drive.  It is long and trouble to maintain.
 I walked up Bradley Cove Road and turned on Galla Creek Lane.  The man that lives here had a lot of his gravel wash down to the road and he has a ditch all the way down it now.
Here I am on Galla Creek Lane and the house you see across the pasture is ours.  I walked 55 minutes.  I wrote down 2 and a half miles.


Donna said...

I am so glad we've been spared the downpours and the tornadoes others have had recently. Our little bit of sleet and snow are nothing by comparison.

Donna said...

As regards my most recent entry, Cliff and I are about to lose something very special, the little girl we've been babysitting since infancy. Her mother wants to move back to Iowa where her relatives are, where she was raised. We have expected this ever since she was born, but one is never quite ready to give up a child one loves.

Donna said...

By the way, please don't mention this in a comment on my blog. It's a small town, and not everybody knows Cora's parents are thinking of divorce.