Thursday, December 3, 2015

Hemmed In Hollow

 Well, I can rename Galla Meadow as Hemmed in Hollow.  Yesterday we awoke to a completely crashed in culvert.  I had sat this blue trash can so no one would drive into the hole the tree created.  Water continued to flow underground.  When I looked down the lane, I thought the trashman had moved the marker and walked down to replace it, but found a huge hole and the can was swallowed into the earth.
 Larry, checked around for the best buy on a plastic culvert.  This is what he came home with.
 One of Larry's favorite sayings is--poor man has poor ways.  I will ask our daughters, "do you think your Dad hired a back hoe or is going to try to put this in himself?"  They know.
 I don't know if he can get the job done with this small backhoe.  The old culvert has rusted out and is below the bucket in the photo.   He says a chain my pull it out.  I know who the helper is going to be.
 Laura wore her boots from the early 90's today.  Her librarian friend, Amy, (remember her brother is married to Fay Carpenter's daughter) told Laura that she thinks these Nike hiking boots are valuable.  Amy was getting on E Bay to check it out.   Laura and I started pondering when I bought them and I am almost certain it was 1992 or 1993 and maybe 1991.  They are surely rotten and will fall off Laura's feet today!

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