Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve With Precious Family

 Everyone visiting before eating and opening.
 Laura had finger foods.  I  will cook dinner tomorrow at 2 P.M.
 Astrid got these shoes from Pop and I.  She found them on sale.
 Greta is very sweet.
 Ingrid got these shoes with birthday money from us.  She ordered new volleyball shoes from us for Christmas, but they are not here yet.
 Laura got Greta nail polish and a dryer.  She loves make up and nail polish.
 Here are the Christensen's stockings hung with care.  Mema made Laura's when she was a little girl.
 Three sweet grand girls.  Sigrid has her boots we got her.  She picked them.

 Astrid loves shoes.  She bought these on sale.  Below is a tree Sig made in 2010.

 Sigrid's boots and below a project Astrid is getting paid to create.  She made a instagram site and has already sold several items.
 Sigrid made and decorated this chocolate cake yesterday.  It was a hit.
 Astrid's bedroom wall.  Beautiful.
 Grandma and Grandpa Powell!
 Laura made Greta a hair wrap for out of the shower or pool.  Really neat.  Helen you could do this.

 This is Eric...Sisters, this is where Astrid gets her beauty.
 The A on Astrid's wall.
 Her dog portrait.   Each girl has a dog.  Eric says he hates them all!
 Clayton was anxious to open the gifts.  Eric told him dark 30 was the time we were opening them.  Laura told Clayton..."I saw a train load of coal yestday".

 I told Astrid she could sell rocks!
 Greta with the Ipad we got her and Clayton.
 Laura and Eric got Clayton a race car wheels.  He loved it.

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