Sunday, December 13, 2015

Talked To Wise OLD Owl Today

Well, Fleta helped me with some of my problems today.  Fleet and I both know that I need to walk to keep my knees from hurting and if I quit they will slowly and surely get so they will not work.  Momma did that with her shoulder.  If it hurts, don't do it.  That was Patsy and Momma's solution to hurting.  But I know if I do walk my knees are lots better.

The days are short now and I don't like to drive and then only walk a couple of miles.  I needed shoes to walk here.  Well, went to get a pair of fleece lines boots I have (high tops) and there was a pair of Chaco shoes I had bought and forgot all about.  They are a little big.  I am going to find a thick pair of socks to wear with them.  I walked here today in them and I walked over an hour.  My feet did not hurt and they stayed dry.  I will walk here is my plan.  Even if I have to walk around and around the loop to get my time in.  Fleta said I could walk twice too.  So sometimes I may just do that.  Fleta let me know it was silly to say I did not have shoes to wear to walk here---BUY SOME!   Fleet is not a whiner.  When a problem arises, she makes a plan and proceeds.  We can't fix all our troubles, but we can have a course of action for them and follow that course.  So--number 1---my plan is just to get up and walk here at my house, shooting for at least two miles or 45 minutes.  Number 2--I plan to order some boots from L L Bean for myself.
These are the ones I am going to buy.  You can see they are water proof and are supposed to have a good insole.   I am not good at buying stuff for myself.  I almost feel it is being unchristian.  I like buying for others.  But not so much myself.

When warm weather gets here and the days are longer, I will drive to the trail more.  But until spring I am going to follow the Wise Owl plan--shut up and start walking.  Stop looking out the window and get on out there!!

Number 3 of my plan is when January gets here I am going to write my time or miles on the calendar each day.  Larry got me a really nice calendar and I am going to record my miles there.  I don't plan to walk to the Potomac, but with a plan at least maybe I can take a short trip!  Below is my new calendar.  It has a different nature picture each month.  The co op where he bought the culvert gave it to him, but it is nicer than the give away ones usually are.  So I will mark my miles on it.

So, why am I writing all this gibberish here?  It makes me accountable and I will be more likely to follow through.  So the plan is 1:  walk out the door to walk  2:  get some shoes for wearing in the gunk  3:  make a record so I can see if I am doing as I said I would.

I can say that my knees don't hurt at all today.  I have not taken the aleve in about 5 days and my stomach is ok.  The water heater is seeping water out the bottom and I fretted about it all night.  Woke up about 7 or 8 times.  Did not want to tell sweet Larry and I did not want him to have to think about it.  But this morning I showed him and just like the old OWL said--Larry said--I will put a new one in next week.  I say "shouldn't we hire it down?"  (It is a tiny, teeny closet and Larry has big hands.  It is hard for him to work in a small space.)  Larry said --No, we will not hire it done as I want it done right.  So....Fleet....I am not fretting or the seepy water heater anymore.  I gave that worry to Larry.

Now, do you wonder how I knew it had a problem.  Since, I have become ancient, I can tell by a smell that something is not right.  There was a moldy smell in the laundry room.  When I looked in the closet, you could not really tell it was seeping, but the floor was damp and that had caused the icky smell.

Now, about prayer, even though I know we should pray for help, comfort, guidance and not for an outcome, I am weak.  Fleet and I discussed this too.  The Lord is in control of the outcome and we are here for His bidding.  Now, when I attend a church service and I hear the prayer go on and on about what we little ants down here want the Lord to do,  I am repulsed....and yet, in spite of that  I often find myself also praying for an outcome.  Deliver me from evil, my Lord.

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Donna said...

God has put up with a lot more trivial stuff than that. The first thing I remember praying for, I was probably six years old. We lived in Iowa. I prayed for snow because Santa had given me a new sled for Christmas. It snowed, and I was almost overwhelmed by the fact God answered my prayer. I never told anybody about this until I was grown.

My mother was a godly woman, but she never prayed with me. However, I was in church three times a week, plus every night for two weeks if there was a Gospel meeting (Church of Christ never called them revivals). So somewhere along the line I knew it was OK to pray for things I wanted, and I finally put God to the test. It amazes me that He answered the first time I tried it. He probably figured I needed it at that time.