Thursday, December 3, 2015

Making Progress :)

Larry worked all afternoon digging out the old culvert.    He used the tractor and the little backhoe and a chain.
 First, he dug out all he could with the tractor.
 Then he dipped out the gravel on top of the culvert with the backhoe.  It has a small bucket so it took a long time.
 Then we hooked a chain on the end of the culvert and he lifted it as high as he could and his helper put the timber under where he had it lifted to.  Then he lifted higher and I slid the timber.  He moved to the other end of the culvert and I hooked the chain to it.  Within 15 minutes of the beginning he had it out of the ditch.  I was amazed.

 Now, he will have to clean out the ditch and make it more level.  It was washed out from the water going under the culvert.  Back at it tomorrow.

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