Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Need a Plumber?

 Saturday, all Laura's bunch went to Devil's Den to hike.  They had a good day.  I think they bribed Ingrid with "we will go the Fayetteville for a little shopping and dinner afterwards!"

 Looks like the three sweet girls enjoyed some hot refreshment.  Ingrid got coffee I bet.  She loves it.

 Pretty lights and pretty grand girls!
 Maybe Laura had read about her Aunt Helen digging up the sewer pipe and all her other escapades.  I guess Laura's kitchen faucet was defunct.  This evening she sent her Dad this picture.  New kitchen faucet!  Looks like she has some of her Dad's abilities.  Aunt Helen will be proud!


Sister--Helen said...

Oh Betty Jean...I am so proud of all of your girls...They are the best...You did a great job

and Larry you did too

Erin said...

Well, I won't be changing the faucet around here. I'll just call her.