Saturday, December 12, 2015

Trying Not To Whine

Well, I read on Donna's blog that we should not be whiny babies.  I love looking at what Donna is doing.  She milks cows, gardens, babysits, and so much more.  Her husband loves tractors!  So when I read what she posted today, I chuckled as it was about whiners and I have been feeling whiny all week.  My knees have really hurt the last month.  I know it is because I am not walking at much.  I started taking one aleve in the morning and one at night and oh, my knees felt so much better.  Well, the last 4 days I have been stomach sick.  I go to bed with stomach bothering me and even wake up with it still sick.  I have been chewing tums which Aunt Thelma said was a bad idea.  No more aleve.  I could not even enjoy my coffee this morning.  Hopefully, my knees will hurt tomorrow but my stomach won't!  Sorry for whining Donna in MO.
 14 year old Ingrid wiht her friend Bayli.  Both in Santa hats.
 Helen is repainting these carolers that she made a long time ago.  They were in Kris's attic.  They look good again.  And she has been making a table for Kenzi for her birthday.  She picked them up at a garage sale, I think she said, and put the sayings on taht Kenzi had saved on her computer.

 I especially like this picture as it shows a "little mess" in Helen's mother in law hotel!  Ha.  Not a big mess just a little but I like to see it.   I try to trim the mess out of my pictures when I take one in the house I know Helen will spot my crap everywhere!  ha.
Well, tomorrow maybe my knees will hurt but I can drink my coffee, Donna!


Donna said...

Walking is what hurts your knees. Walk as long as you can! Ibuprofen works best for my knee pain, but it does hurt my stomach, so I take Tylenol most of the time.

Donna said...

By the way, I didn't say don't whine. Just don't blame others for your problems. We all whine once in a while.

Winnie Sneed said...

I went to the Orthopedic Dr. for my knee...I have been walking with a cane all week. I take two Aleve before bed and in the morning I take Naproxene...I also have been icing several times a day....not a whole lot makes it not you Cuz💓