Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Walk On

 Well, it has only been a couple of days since I started my walk out the door and go program.  I walked almost an hour today but I think only 2 and a half miles.  I dallied some along the way.  The above picture shows why I need boots.
 So maybe I will order the boots I saw in L. L. Bean but these two pair work pretty well.  The London Fog ones are really warm.
 Larry's culvert is doing great.  He will slowly get it all covered.  It would not work to push all the gravel up there now.  It would not hold.  As the cracks on the edge fill he will fill in with gravel.
 Larry got the new water heater in without a hitch.  Did not take him very long. I have the door open and a small fan running to make sure it is all dried out from the seeping leak.  He just got the new heater at Lowes.  It is a whirlpool.

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