Monday, December 14, 2015

Do You Care Who You Are?

This is the test we did on Buster and me, Winnie.  If you do the test, you can give me access to the results and I can help you figure out ancestor hints.  On the DNA page you can give me permission to view your test.

I am trying to help a girl now who was adopted from the Texas Children's home figure out who her ancestors are.  She is related to us.   Either her mother or father is our 4th to 6th cousin.  Through the shared ancestors you can really unravel some mysteries.

Last week, I helped a young man from Little Rock figure out what his Great Grandfather surname really was.  I will post a story about it when I can find time to write it out.  We are 99 per cent sure we solved the mystery.

And I am working on another Texas Children's Home adoption.  You can't assist others unless they give you access to their test.

Right now the DNA test at ancestry is 89.00.  Not much to help you figure out your ancestry.

Some folks are not interested in their backgrounds.  I don't see how they can have that mindset for it is so interesting to me.  You are working a puzzle and that puzzle is you!  Just the overall view of your ancestry origins is worth the 89 dollars.  If you think you have native american ancestors, the test will tell you that.


Erin said...

Can we test mine? I'd like to know if the mailman is my real father. Daddy always said he was!

Sister--Three said...

No we can't test you. We tested dad and me .... And that is you
I can let you look at the test if you want.

Winnie Sneed said...

I have ordered the $89 kit and I will most certainly get it all set up....I think we are going to have Paul tested...he is the closest male to by Dad...thanks