Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Shortest Day Behind Us

December 20th was the shortest day of the year.  Least daylight.  For those of us that have trouble sleeping, long nights and short days are not good.  Already minutes of day are taken from the darkness and added to our light.  I recall staying with Mom and Dad a few times in his last couple of years on earth.  He slept with a flashlight.  At night, I would awaken to see it's reflection bouncing off the walls in the large kitchen.  What was he doing?  I don't know, but sleep was difficult for him.  He went to bed early and got up way before the sun.  It was in his nature and he gave that part of him to me.  I, too, have a flash light close at night.  I am sure the light bounces off the wall in the kitchen...what I am I doing?   Looking for sleep, but I don't find it easily.

I have been working on the adoption DNA puzzle that is related to our Powell family.  I have added a few pieces to the puzzle, but I can not make out the two faces there behind the Jane Smith.  I can see a nose and parts of eyes, but the heart is alluding me. I will continue to put pieces in and try to solve the mystery.  When the last piece fits, it will lose it's interest to me just like the cryptogram in the L R paper, I will discard it in the trash can as the puzzle will be solved.  Some puzzles are not solvable for me...but I hope I can get part of this puzzle put together for Terri Jane who found me through DNA.

The picture I chose is of Eric's Great Great Grandfather,  James...James B. Christenson was born on June 5, 1843, in Undredal, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway, the child of Christen and Britta Elizabeth. He married Johanna Helgestad Martinsen on July 13, 1884, in Arkdale, Wisconsin. They had four children during their marriage. He died on June 4, 1897, in Arkdale, Wisconsin, at the age of 53.
Eric was born in '68.  Far removed from 1843, but I see Eric in this man's face.  If I could get my picture program to overlay their pictures you could too.  DNA is a fascinating puzzle.  We are pieces of our mother and father and they of theirs, until the puzzle fits together just right and in the mirror we see ourselves, but if one looks closely ...was that my father?  Yes, you see, the flashlight image bounces off the wall at night with me.  Now, I don't wonder "what is he doing up at this hour"?  I know, he was looking for sleep.

So glad the shortest day is behind us!  I know if Erin posts a comment it will say..."Momma, you are weird."  And, I know I am, I gave that piece to her!

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