Friday, September 16, 2016

Ingrid Rallies

 I know Ingrid does a "happy dance" at the pep rallies.  They had a big one yesterday.   Since she is captain of the Dance Team, I am sure she gets to help decide what they do and I know she picks what they wear.  She is number 12 on front row.

 She is standing to the left of this picture.
This is one of the dances the team did and it included football players.  There were other routines also.  I may share some of them later.   I am still going slowly with Nelly the Nerd Laptop, but I found that I can print screen and then paste the picture in paint.  Then crop and save and even save as.  Windows 10 does not like save as for some reason.  Also, I can use the photo program and do a few things to pictures.  I keep making the screen small by swapping something on the mouse pad.  I can't even figure out what I am doing....but I will keep working on it.

Ingrid looks like she is enjoying the dance with the guy here!

 Above is Ingrid with her friend Claire.  Claire is a cheerleader and a sweet girl.  She is a very good friend.   Claire's Mom and Laura were in the same class and were "sort of" friends.  They went to 1st through 12 grades together, but had different friends in High School.   Friends are important.  Mom tried to talk to me about friends and encouraged me to not hang with certain folks.   I did not like it but understand today.  Friends are a mirror of yourself.  Wonder what you are like ...if you have close friends they are usually very much like you.  But children choose to do what their friends do and that is why parents must monitor friends.

Below Clayton is asleep before 8 last night.  He is like his Gigi.  Greta, Erin said, was screaming at her because she had to turn in.  This morning I am sure Clayton was up and craving his breakfast and Greta was "a draggin'".
Fleta, hope you are noticing that I am learning.  I am not great with this ole Nelly but I am learning to "rope and ride" as I don't want to be afoot.  Some folks say why learn Windows 10,  well, that will be all there is one day!

Advice I saw this morning that I liked.  Use your pause button.  When you are mad--hit your pause.  Tired--hit pause.  Pause I think would relate to "wait" in the Bible.  So when you are in doubt, pause, and when you pause---PRAY.

Erin is excited today.  They get the keys to their new house.  I loved the story Helen told me about Daddy when he bought the farm.  I checked the details with Fleta and she and Helen's stories jived.  I didn't even remember the story,  but then it starts coming back to me.   After Dad came home from WW II, he bought a big farm on Dry Creek in Carroll County.  The Leather's family owned the farm.  Patsy always said it had a real bad house and and real nice barn.  It had bottom land and some woods.  Watson Leathers had the house rented to a young couple with kids.  They were supposed to be moved, but were dragging their feet with excuses which very well may have been real.   Daddy owned the house so he moved in with them.  He went to the table when the lady of the house cooked and ate.  When the husband left for work, Daddy remained with the wife.  Well, in just a few days, they moved and Daddy moved his family in the new home.  Erin asked me what she could do, if Mr. F did not move his stuff out of the house.  I told her to start moving in.  This was before I was told the Willis story.  So, I am thinking "I think just like my Daddy."   I miss him today.  He always was a good, honest man.  How lucky I am to have half my DNA come from him.

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I love your "family" stories and all the photos of your grandchildren..