Saturday, September 24, 2016

Running With Heart

 The Cyclone Cross Country Meet was today.  Above you see the High School girls lined up to run.  Astrid is near the bottom of the three white tents.  If you look closely you can see the top knot on her head.  The team she is on doesn't have many high school runners.  For a team to do well in cross country, I recall Coach T telling me they need to pack run.  That helps all the runners.  It is called runner support.  Next year, when the Jr High girls move up maybe they will have more good runners.  Above you can see the herd lined up....300 runners.
 Astrid is here at the beginning of the run.  She has to go out and pace herself against the field of top runners--alone!  She has no team to buoy her along the way.
 Here she is at the end of the run!  Exhausted I guess you can tell.  It was hot and a hard run.  She got 10th.
 Below she is receiving her medal from her Coach.  I think she did great today.  So proud of her.
And below Astrid before the football came last night!

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