Monday, September 19, 2016

Work Ahead

These are the colors Erin chose to paint.  She got her paint at Sherwin Williams.  I think the colors have a calming look.  She will have to paint wood work too.  Many of the rooms have cabinets in them.  Greg told her they would do one room at a time.  I think that is good advice.  The doors will also have to be painted.

Erin and the kids came today to visit.  I had to go to Kroger and pick up cottage cheese before they got here.    Greta loves cottage cheese and I have to put sprinkles on top.  It was nice to see them.  Greg worked all night and needed to sleep so they drove down to help fill up the day.

I went to walk today and got caught in a downpour.  After walking, I was going on to Kroger, but I had to come home and change clothes first.  Also was worried about my phone.  I took it out of the case and dried it good.  I put it in an "upper under garment" to help keep it dry.  I guess it worked just fine!

Larry and I get paid this Wednesday and it seems a long time ago in August that we got paid.  I think this is the latest in the month we ever get paid.  If the first is Tuesday, 3 weeks away would be the 21th.  So that is the late date payday for us.  If Wednesday is the first day of the month, payday for us is the 15th I think making it the earliest.  

I do know tomorrow is Monday and I don't have to go work tomorrow, Fleta!

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