Monday, September 12, 2016

New Pest

Helen made it home and is glad to be in her own domain.  Wasps were virtually gone.  I guess the bombs in the attic did the trick.  Mice were not living in the bathroom.  All was pretty good until she started to clean the cushions on the porch swing.  Well, when Helen lifted the cushion, there was two baby snakes.  She said "light colored with black diamonds on them.  I think it is what we call "ground rattlesnakes".  Real name is Pigmy Rattlesnake.  I know the Lord is watching over Helen as she picked them up and tied them in a small grocery sack!  She said she was gearing up to make Robert a special cake for his birthday tomorrow!

1 comment:

Favorite Daughter said...

George said they were copperheads...I guess they are....oh well...dead now

almost have all the floors clean.