Friday, September 2, 2016

Laura's Gift

Lord sent a cool day for Laura's birthday gift.  I enjoyed it by walking the entire course at the trail. 3 and a half miles.

Grandpa Gaddy sitting in the rumble seat admiring Grandma on the day his brother Ben married her sister, Leona, March 24th, 1918
Grandpa Gaddy was born on this day as was Amy~Patsy.  Grandpa would be 121.  Not sure about Amy.  Happy Birthday, Amy.
 Above is Amy's hand with clover and below beloved Patsy's with the tick weed.
 I went with Eric to Pottsville High School yesterday.  Astrid had a practice run.  She was first girl.  They ran in this field.   When we walked out to it, I knew it would be a hard place to run.  It has been a plowed field at one time.  That makes little ridges all over.  Astrid said she rolled her ankle twice.  Running in races takes "guts".  It is really hard.  You feel good afterward, but during the race one thinks they might die.  Runners need big hearts.  Astrid has one.

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