Monday, September 12, 2016

Sigrid being Mannerly

 Sigrid is getting a lesson in manners.  Above she is with some friends.  The girl in gold is a favorite of mine.  I think Sigrid found her dress on the half of half at target.
 Here is Astrid--same age same class.
 And Ingrid
Jonell is home and recuperating.  She has a mesh drain tube for 2 weeks I  think.  She walked today and made broccoli soup.  She had stones blocking her bile duct so she was pretty sick.  At least an infection did not set up there.

Also, Helen is back on the farm.  So glad she is home and hope she will take it easy for a while.

Poor Cuz Winnie had partial knee replacement and then an infection in a tooth.  Tooth had to be pulled.  Now she must worry about if this infection might go to her "new" knee.  Hope our dear Lord will bless and keep our sweet cousin under his caring hands.

Now, that Helen is back on Douglas Road...Fleta is not boss anymore.    Helen is really good.   Fleta will think she is boss as she does what Helen says....just so Helen will hush!

I walked 3 and a half miles today.  Love my family so much.  Erin is burning brush on the new lot.  I wish I could be there to help.  My pioneer spirit loves clearing land!

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Sister--Fleta said...

No, you do not wish you were there helping. You just say that because you want to stay on the good side of the parents of your grandkids.