Thursday, September 15, 2016

Sometimes We Just Want to Hide

That is not a pile of dirty clothes in Greta's floor.  It is sweet Greta hid under a blanket.  Erin told her to get up and get going, but she only made it to the rug then she went back to sleep under this throw!  Sometimes, I feel like Greta just want to hide and "make the world go away".   But like Greta I realize that I must rise!  Rise and meet my obligations and what the day may bring.

I walked a little over three miles.  Hope to accomplish something today.  I am working on a crochet project that Laura asked me to do last year.  I just finished reading "The Mannings" about the football quarterbacks.  I enjoyed it.  Archie Manning's dad shot himself when Archie was in College.  The suicide of his father was the event that shaped him.

Hope Greta has a great day at school.  She loves school but has trouble getting to sleep at night so she has trouble getting up in the morning.  Personally, I think we have an inner clock that makes us late sleepers or early risers.  Clayton is up with the sun.  Greta is awake in the moonlight.

Hope Winnie is felling renewed today.

Jonell said the tube is a stent and it is inside her body.  It will stay there for at least 8 weeks.  I am dense.  Often don't understand unless stuff is really spelled out to me.

Hope this is a great day for all!   Look for the good in people and be humble and kind.    Hope I can be sweet today...but usually I turn sour before the sun sets and I have to ask help with my attitude.

Some of my accomplishments.  Sent picture from phone to email that Erin sent me of Greta Ann, saved the picture in pictures (finally), found the picture and posted it here.  Oh, I resized it in paint (program on computer that is not very good).  I wish it would have let me crop it but could not figure out how in paint.  Maybe I will be able to load the old Picture Program Fleta gave me years ago to this little laptop!

I have name the laptop, Nelly, "old gray mare who ain't what she used to be".

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