Monday, September 19, 2016

Oh, Dear, Deer!

Helen took this with her phone and sent it to me.  The little fawn on the right is a yard ornament that she found at a garage sale and repainted 'til they looked new.  Helen is good at painting this sort of thing.  But...the other two deer are real and they are checking out the fake deer.  Sort of neat.
Erin found this neat leaf in her new yard.  If she turned it over, it would be a v for victory.
This is Astrid in her last cross country run.  I love it that she is smiling.
Clayton when he came Saturday.  I keep nutella and he always wants a nutella sandwich on white bread.  I bought expensive potato bread and it had a dusting on the crust...Clayton said, "is that mold?"  So much for my high priced loaf of bread.
Greta Ann is welcoming me to come and see her at her new house.  The new house is old has lots of things that they will have to fix, but Greg is capable of doing lots.  It is a large nice home with a flat lot and I am proud for them.
Greta Ann is eating her cottage cheese with green and red sprinkles on top.  I don't buy cola and I keep those kool aid packs so they can have sweet drink when they come.
This is Siggie.  I got the picture off the site she uses.  She is growing up.  Her eyes are so pretty here.
Here is Ingrid and her pal at the fair.  They road the zipper Ingrid said.  I asked Sig if she went to the fair.  "No," she said, "it is nasty there.  The people there are mostly gross."  She added that if you rode rides there someone above you might throw up on you down below.  Sigrid is a different little girl.  She does not have the view point of most.  I think she usually makes a lot of sense!
Astrid is a Junior in High School.    She is thinking about what she will major in in college.  She has mentioned Parts and Rec and maybe be a park ranger.  I think it would be a perfect career for her.  She has lots of talents.  She is part of two different service groups.  One is with the Rotary Club.  They do projects during the year.  She is also in a group called the Crowns.  It is sponsored by the Jr. Auxiliary.  To be a part of it, the girls have to be invited.  She was and I know they will be pleased with her contribution of service!

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Margie's Musings said...

Your grandchildren lead such interesting lives! I know you enjoy them.