Wednesday, September 28, 2016

John McCellan

I am reading a new biography of John McCellan.  I finished the book Fleta recommended a "On Gold Mountain".  I really enjoyed it.  After over 65 years of knowing each other, we each know what the other will like.  I sure enjoyed the book and tried to read it slowly.  I think it is interesting that Lisa See discovered that all the things she was told about her white relatives were not facts.  A cache of letters written to her Great Grandmother were shown to her after the book.  The letters expressed "love for a sister" not contempt for who she chose to marry.

Finding good non fiction books is not easy.  I did not walk today.  It is cool and I could go now.  Who knows!

I am rounding up things to pawn off on my baby sister when I come up to see her in October.  I am going to bring lots of stuff that I can't throw away in hopes she can use it or she can discard it.  One thing she wanted was old newspapers.  She uses them to clean windows.  I have a big sack.  I am bringing her tall Folgers' coffee cans, rat poison, pickle jars, an old porch swing, quilt freestanding rack, zip line, and I am continuing to look for things she might use that I just can't throw away.  Oh, another thing is a mop that you can put an old towel in like Momma used to do.  After you mop, you can throw the towel away.

My Momma made mopping a big job.  She used her left over wash water and scrubbed the floor.  After mopping, she always rinsed the floors.  Momma worked really hard all her life.  I am not like her.  I would rather just read a book.

Larry bought some pallet forks for the big tractor.  They work great for moving stuff from place to place.  He has dug out several pieces of farm equipment he does not use and is trying to sell it.  

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Donna Wood said...

Cliff uses his pallet-lifter so much, he usually just leaves it on the tractor.

Thanks for mentioning the book. I checked my local library's e-books and there it was, so I put a hold on it. I'm next in line to get it.