Thursday, September 22, 2016

Two Hippies and One Pig Tail Girl

 Today was hippie day at Sig and Asti's schools.  They really are "hip".
This was on the share site the girl's use.  I love the yellow converse.  Ingrid is absolutely beautiful.   I took her lunch today--Pop Eye's chicken strips with two mashed potatoes and a biscuit.  She loves mashed potatoes.  Laura makes the girls pack their lunches, often Ingrid takes an empty lunch bag.   Laura says she is a little lazy about packing lunch.  Erin fixes the sandwiches for Clayton and Greta but they pack the rest.  Ingrid and Astrid have to wash their own clothes.  Sigrid still gets help from Mom.

Sigrid made the quiz bowl team.  I don't think the other two girls every tried out.  They always missed words on purpose so they would not have to be be in the spelling bee.  Quiz bowl is sort of like Jeopardy on tv but there is no board.  All the questions are asked and you buzz to answer.  After you buzz you may be able to consult your team, I am not sure of all the rules, but I am going to have Sigrid fill me in on it.  I think it would be fun.  Sigrid had all A's at 5 weeks.

Clayton and Greta and liking school just fine.  Erin and Greg are having to do some work on the new old house before they can move in.  They will probably get their old house approved for hud rental.   In October I plan to go up and see the new residence.  Larry went up this week and took some gun customers.  Larry bought a gun but Greg would only have him pay cost so they did not make any money off Larry.

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