Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Special Gift

Amy-Patsy's Mom made this for Laura.  The blocks are art work her (and MY) girls did while at Sequoyah Elementary.  It is a treasure!

It is supposed to be warm again today.  Hip hip hooray!  I will try to walk again.  Hopefully, my leg will be better soon.  I did get a Doctor to take me as a patient.  I have an appointment March 17th, but if my leg does not improve I can call and go in and get worked in.

Erin says if a Doctor takes 50 Medicare patients, after he hits 51 he has to take 100.  She said she was not sure of the increments, but it works like that.  Well, it did not take him long to accept me as I called yesterday and they called back this morning early.  I hope I like him or all is in vain....or vein! ha.


Anonymous said...

I was so excited for Laura....I wanted to tell her about it but kept
the secret so she could be surprised. :) ~Amy-Patsy

Sister--Three said...

Glad you were able to hold it in and did not let it slip!!