Thursday, December 17, 2015

Rationalizing My Behavior

 Laura's friend from school (her brother is married to Fay Carpenter's daughter so we know she must be nice) sent was a little Christmas joy!  Pop got some tea.  Helen, you know the find we made with tang, tea, spices, etc.  He really likes it.  Laura just shared what Amy made for her with him I think.  But she sent 3 maple cookies.   They were soft on inside, nuts were added just right, and just a bit of maple frosting.    There were 3 in the little pkg.  I ate one pretty quickly and gave them a high grade.  Two were left snugly in the Christmas sack.  The next morning I had a second with my coffee.  Now, there was only one.  Unfortunately for Larry, I had not mentioned them to him.  So later that afternoon, I finished the third off.  I told myself--"well, he will drink the tea".  He has already had a cup and I know he enjoyed it like I did the THREE cookies.  Plus, he is trying to not eat as much sugar so I did him a favor by taking care of the THREE!  I thought I might like the recipe, but I am sort of lazy when it comes to following directions and doing things correctly.

It was foggy this morning and cool, but I have a nice walk, about 2 miles.  Astrid wanted to go to the trail and take her dog so I went again and walked 2 miles there.  Sort of like two a days for football players and I needed to walk off all those maple cookie calories!

My devotional says that trying to rationalize our bad behavior just multiplies our sin like yeast in the dough.  I am guilty.  I confess.  I did it.  I am bad.  Woe, to me.!


Sister--Helen said...

Satin get behind me

Margie's Musings said...

That's alright. You deserved them. Don't feel guilty. I try not to waste time feeling guilty. :)

Betty said...

If that's as bad as you get, you're fine. Enjoy your cookies without guilt.