Monday, April 25, 2016

Another Snaker

 I have three of the hens left that Sister Patsy gave me.  This one is true to her old owner.  She is a snake killer
 It was hard to get a good picture because she thought I was going to take her prize away.
 The snake came from one of my flower beds so I must watch out there.
 We had distinguished guests Sunday.  They played outside and Pop and I sat on the porch and enjoyed them.
 I have to remind Clayton he can't go digging around in my flower beds because they are lush green and a snake could be there.  He did spy this toad and wanted it.  Siggie caught it for him and when he held it...a little too got him a little wet.  Clayton loves nature.  He is really a smart boy.
 Little Greta Ann can do cartwheels, round offs, splits, and she can ride this little bike like the wind.  She always gets a determined look and there she goes....
Erin, show Clayton the snake that came from the flower bed.  So he knows that there could be a snake in there.  Cora is in jail for 3 weeks.  I will be glad when she can lay on the back porch again.

Siggie came over to plant peppers she bought.  As we planted, I showed her Johnson grass and explained out you had to get the root.  I looked back and she had pulled a entire hill of squash.  No, no...  Well, that is how you learn.  She will always know what squash looks like now, I bet.

My tomatoes are growing in the cold frame.  Larry and I want to plant watermelons and cantaloup today if we have enough stamina.

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